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About DiamondR Farm & Kennel

Our names are Ace and Lindsey and we live in NorthWest Arkansas. Growing up both of our families raised animals. We both have a passion for all animals especially our Aussies.

Currently we have 8 furry kiddos: Jager, Jolene, Khaki, King, Darlin, Lorrie, Jessi, & Olaf. Olaf is our rescue dog we adopted in 2014. He is a border collie mix. The other 7 we have slowly picked up along the way. All of our dogs are like our children and are treated as such!

We love exploring the Natural State and taking the kiddos on hikes and adventures. Our family has 200+ acre ranch in Eucha, Oklahoma that we visit at least once a month and let the dogs enjoy being a dog. They get to swim, run, and be around many different farm animals. We think it is important for them to enjoy running free in addition to being our pets. 

Contact Us:

​E-mail: ​​

Phone: (479) 871-0603 or (479) 871-0600
Email or Text us for any questions or inquiries. 

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