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DiamondR Pricing Estimate - Miniature Australian Shepherd Cost

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

Alrighty, straight to the nitty-gritty details on what is the cost to own a DiamondR Mini Aussie puppy! Well, it varies from pup to pup but we have tried to simplify it so that it is super easy to understand! Below you will see numbered items showing all the information on cost and details on what everything means!

  1. All DiamondR pups can be registered through ASDR, we provide all documentation for you to do that if you would like to (it is super easy and not very expensive)

  2. All DiamondR pups are sold PET ONLY unless specifically stated otherwise. We do have a process for someone wanting to breed that is very thorough and detailed on their specific knowledge of doing so but we do this to make sure that everyone that is breeding any dog from DiamondR is knowledgeable and is doing it humanely. Our puppies are our #1 priority so we are very diligent on this!

  3. Black Bi/Tri and Red Bi/Tri - $900 base pet price

  4. Red Merle and Blue Merle - $1200 base pet price

  5. Eye color - Blue/Unique eye color is $150 per eye and is determined at 7&8 weeks of age

You may ask yourself " Ok, there are the prices how do I reserve a puppy?" so I will answer that next!

Step 1 is picking out which puppy you are interested in. Once that is done you can message us on FB, email us at or Call or text us at (479)- 871- 0603 and let us know which puppy you are interested in. We will let you know if that puppy is still available and send you some documentation to fill out. We have a contract that clearly states all of the protections that you have as well as protections for DiamondR and the puppy. Once the contract is filled out we require a $200 deposit and then we will post that puppy as sold. Once the puppy is secured as your puppy the fun part begins! You will need to decide if you like the name we gave the puppy or if you would like to change it! Do not worry when puppies are young they are very moldable so changing their name won't negatively impact them! Once this is complete you just have to wait until the puppy is properly socialized ( 8-9 weeks old) and we will need to set up a time to pick up your puppy. We do offer delivery for an additional fee and we can get quotes for you upon request or you can set up delivery yourself with a trusted pet carrier and have them pick up your puppy on the agreed-upon day.

Please Note - Prices mentioned are not set but an estimate based on previous litters and are subject to change as we see necessary

We do not accept deposits before litters are born and there is no waiting list, all sales are on a first come first serve basis.

We do not reserve puppies until a deposit contract has been signed and all steps have been fulfilled

Examples of how to estimate the cost

You decide to purchase a Black Tri Female. Once you express interest to reserve your puppy we will email you a copy of our Deposit contract. Once reviewed, signed & returned we will send you an invoice via PayPal for your $200 deposit + a small processing fee. Once your contract is returned & the deposit is paid your puppy will officially be on hold and marked as sold through all advertising. The TOTAL purchase price of your puppy will be determined between 7 & 8 weeks of age. In this case, the minimum outstanding balance would be $700 ($900 total purchase price assuming no blue eyes - $200 deposit), maximum outstanding balance would be $1000 ($1200 total purchase price assuming two blue eyes - $200 deposit). Let's assume that at 7.5 weeks of age we determine your puppy has one blue/unique eye. At that point, your outstanding balance would be $850. $850 would be due IN CASH upon pick-up at our home in Tontitown, AR.

Shipping is quoted on a case by case basis as the clients' expense. If you are having your puppy shipped this is something we need to know significantly in advance. If we agree on a shipment plan, your outstanding balance & final shipment balance will be due 5 BUSINESS days before shipment. **Note: A shipping deposit may be required to reserve a 3rd party transporter before the 5 business days before shipment.**

**NOTE: All transactions over PayPal & Good Dog are subject to a transaction fee. If you prefer to get around these fee's we have both Cash App & Venmo available but all invoicing will be done through PayPal for our record-keeping needs.**

For any questions or inquiries please feel free to email us at or text (479) 871-0600 or (479) 871-0603. We look forward to placing all of our furry kiddos in their perfect FURRever homes!

Lindsey Rice & Ace Rice

Diamond R Farm & Kennel

DiamondR Mini Aussies

Springdale, AR 72762

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