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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

1. When can I pick up my puppy if I were to get one?

A puppy has to be 8 weeks old for you to pick them up from Diamond R. Puppies learn loads of things from their mother and littermates and puppies learn in stages. If you don't allow mom to be around the puppy and take it to its new home early you will prevent some of the learning stages from being completed. This is causes issues for the puppy as he/she ages and can cause unnecessary discomfort and anxiety because they were not allowed to properly learn from mom. This is called socializing and your puppy needs to have it. At 8 weeks typically most puppies are completely socialized and ready to face the world on their own with their new family.

2. What kind of dog food should I feed my new puppy?

Look at our Blog post called Into the Bag, The Diamond R Perspective on dog food quality and health.

3.What do I need to buy before I pick up my puppy?

Must-have items include a small collar, a leash, a small crate, dog bowls for food and water, a dog bed, some toys. You do not have to have thousands of dollars worth of toys and beds but it is a good idea to have some basics

4. When can I take my dog to the dog park or Petco?

I know that it is exciting to get a new puppy and enter the wonderful world of pet lovers! Many people look forward to the doggy dates to the dog park or taking their new puppy to pick out his/her own toys from the store but what if I told you this could be harmful to your new puppy? Dog parks are fun but puppies have an undeveloped immune system until they have all of their vaccinations from your vet and until all of the vaccinations are done your puppy can pick up some pretty nasty bugs from public places with lots of new dogs. We recommend that your puppy have all of their vaccinations from your vet before you expose them to areas of high concentration of other dogs. At the bare minimum at your first appointment with your vet get their opinion on when you should allow your puppy to be social with other dogs!

5. How do I house train my puppy?

Alright buckle up and hang on because this one is not always easy and can vary from breed to breed. House training can be difficult and there are so many different ways of training. One method we personally like to use is kennel training. Your first step is starting with the right kennel. The right kennel will be one that fits your puppies size so that your puppy can move around comfortably and freely but it is not so spacious that your puppy has all the room in the world. You want it to be just wide enough that your puppy does not touch both sides when standing sideways and the proper length would be 6-8 inches longer than your puppy. You will need to establish a mindset with your puppy that a kennel is a positive place and not a negative place where they get put if they are bad or hyper. When your puppy is calm and ready to rest start allowing them to rest in their kennel. Reward them for being good while in their kennel with praise and treats. Make sure that the kennel is comfortable for your puppy with clean comfortable bedding, we recommend a towel or a blanket. Reward your puppy for going into their crate on their own and while in their crate keep an eye on the clock. It is important that your puppy has plenty of time outside of their kennel to play, eat, and use the restroom. Obviously, your puppy will not want to use the restroom in their kennel where they rest and sleep but they will if they do not have the opportunity to go out to the bathroom enough. Repetition is key and frequent opportunities to go outside for the restroom are a must. Be patient with your puppy, as the weeks go on your puppy will learn and get better at understanding where the restroom is and when they can go to the bathroom. When they go outside positive praise and reward are great ways to show your new puppy they did a good thing and to continue to do that. As your dog ages and you continue to practice kennel training your dog will not only learn the kennel is a good place but also that inside your home is just like a large kennel and that outside is where the bathroom is. Always remember that your puppy is not trying to have accidents inside or in their kennel on purpose and patience is key.

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